Factors to Consider when Choosing a Product Color

Posted by Jason Shaw on Mar 9, 2023 10:15:00 AM
Jason Shaw

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Consumers typically make up their minds about a product within 90 seconds of the initial interaction. Appearance is often the main deciding factor in choosing to purchase a product or not. This makes color a crucial factor when it comes to product design. 

When designing or updating a product line, how do you consider color? How do you decide which colors to utilize? 

Factors Designers Consider

There are a few factors that designers consider when choosing product colors. Brand identity, target audience, and the product's intended use are just a few.

For instance, if your brand is associated with eco-friendliness or sustainability, you might choose earthy or natural colors. If you are designing a product for children, bright and playful colors may be more appropriate. Do you need to always use specific brand colors? Not necessarily, depending on the use case - after all, you don’t see Apple products only in white and black.  

It's also important to consider the context in which the product will be used, including lighting and background colors. For example, a product designed for outdoor use may need to be more vibrant and bold to stand out in nature.

These factors become important when you look at the lifespan of your product and the impact that can have on customer satisfaction in the long haul.

Factors we’ve advised clients to consider when considering color include: 

  1. Aesthetics. Is this pleasing to the target market? 
  2. Brand identity. Is this consistent with your brand identity?
  3. Costs. Are the pigments needed to create your color expensive?
  4. Availability of color. Do you have a reliable/consistent source for colors?
  5. Variability. Is it difficult to achieve uniformity across batches?
  6. Maintenance. Does the finish mar easily and is it durable enough for its intended use?
  7. Touch up. Can it be easily be touched up if damaged during production, transit, installation, or use? If so, Is touch-up paint available or can it be created? Is the finish difficult to touch up and can it be easily matched?

Overall, color is an important consideration in product design, and can play a key role in attracting and engaging customers given the importance of appearance when a purchasing decision is being made. 

If you need support with any of the factors above, we’ve worked with many manufacturers and consulted on product color selection and supported these customers with our exact-match touch-up paint solutions. Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help!




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